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Terms of Use

Terms of Use


Welcome to Whatcom Community College’s (WCC) Pavilion and Student Recreation Center (SRC). This new and revitalized complex was designed, built, furnished and staffed through the partnership between the Associated Students of Whatcom Community College (ASWCC) and the College. To ensure that all facility users have a safe, productive, and enjoyable time, the following procedures must be observed at all times.

Facility users are responsible for reading, understanding and abiding by all rules, regulations and procedures of the Pavilion and Student Recreation Center. Failure to adhere to procedures may result in immediate removal from the Pavilion and Student Recreation Center and possible revocation of privileges.

Assumption of Risk

Each user is responsible to determine whether he/she has the proper fitness level to participate – consult with their health care provider(s) before starting any exercise program.

Participation in activity at the Pavilion and Student Recreation Center is voluntary. By voluntarily using the facility, users assume all risk for any harm or injury sustained. Users should consider the consequences of actions and avoid engaging in behavior that may injure themselves, harm other facility users, or damage equipment.

Whatcom Community College is not responsible for injuries or costs related to health or physical services resulting from illness or injury sustained during the use of the Pavilion and Student Recreation Center.

Authorized Entrance

The Pavilion and Student Recreation Center is a controlled-access facility and is intended for use and enjoyment of current WCC students and other authorized members of the WCC community. Only authorized users are permitted entry beyond the front desk.
  • All facility users must have current, valid WCC identification with them at all times. ID cards are scanned at the front desk (ID Check) location before entrance to the facility is allowed.
    • Failure to present identification upon request may result in removal from the facility. Identification may be checked at any time by Pavilion and Student Recreation Center staff members.
    • Sharing identification cards for access into the building is considered forgery; doing so may result in loss of privileges, confiscation of identification cards, and potential legal action.
  • All users must be 16 years and older or underage students who have received special admissions approval.
  • A Pavilion and Student Recreation Center User Agreement must be acknowledged and signed by users.
  • Users must follow all procedures for each activity area and comply with requests made by staff.
    • Users are expected to be courteous to other facility users and staff.
    • Users are expected to treat the facility and the equipment with respect.
    • Individuals who engage in unacceptable or disruptive behavior may have their access to the facility revoked, modified, and/or be subjected to further WCC disciplinary action.


The use of alcohol, illegal or legal substances, or possession of substances is prohibited at WCC. Individuals under the influence or in possession of these substances will be asked to leave the facility immediately. As a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified site, smoking is not permitted at or around the Pavilion and Student Recreation Center.

Incidents involving alcohol, drugs, and tobacco will be managed through the Student Rights and Responsibilities (Student Conduct Code), Washington Administrative Code, 132U-125-035 and/or college policy with the designated college administrator.


  • Profanity, abusive language, and/or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Persistent use of such behavior as deemed unacceptable by Pavilion and Student Recreation Center staff may result in forfeiture of utilization privileges.
  • Vandalism, graffiti, assault, theft, and possession of firearms or weapons are considered criminal activities and may result in immediate police action.
  • Spitting, leaning, or throwing objects from the balcony is strictly prohibited.
  • Spitting on the floor or in the drinking fountains is prohibited.

Dress Attire

  • Clothing
    • Shirts must be worn at all times when using fitness equipment. Full length t-shirts and tank tops are acceptable. Bare midriff shirts are not acceptable.
    • Full coverage shorts or pants (long enough to provide coverage while bending, stretching, and lifting) must be worn.
    • Clothing and jewelry that may cause damage to equipment or create safety concerns are not acceptable.
    • No clothing may be worn that is inappropriate in language or design.
  • Shoes
    • Closed-toe athletic footwear is required for all activity areas.
    • Bare feet, sandals, and heeled shoes are not permitted.
    • Footwear should be clean to promote cleanliness of the facility and to reduce damage to the facility and equipment.


  • Food is permitted in the food and beverage service areas only.
  • Non-spill, non-breakable water or sports bottles are permitted in workout areas; no glass bottles are allowed in the fitness areas of the facility.

Mobile and Media Devices

Mobile devices must be used with caution for safety reasons. Personal music devices are allowed with headphones, but no boom boxes are permitted. Photographing and/or videotaping of activities or individuals in the facility is not permitted without prior approval by an administrator and/or the Public Information Office.


Big screen televisions may only be operated by Pavilion and Student Recreation staff. Please contact a staff member to adjust channel or volume.


Designated bicycle parking is located outside the building. No bicycles may be parked in the facility.

Personal Belongings/Lost & Found

Personal belongings (e.g. coats, books, bags, backpacks, etc.) may not be left near fitness equipment. Cubbies and lockers are provided for temporary storage of personal belongings during workouts. Whatcom Community College is not responsible for lost or stolen items. It is recommended that all personal belongings be kept securely stored in lockers at all times. If an item is forgotten, it will be held at the Pavilion and Student Recreation Center front desk until the end of the day. If not picked up, it will be transferred to lost and found located in the Student Life Office in the Syre Student Center.

Bulletin Boards/Soliciting/Flyers

Use of tape, or other marking materials on walls or flooring is prohibited. Banners, posters, flyers and other postings are not permitted without proper college approval. Please consult with Pavilion and Student Recreation Center staff for college procedures as defined in Washington Administrative Code, 132U-140. Non-approved materials will be removed and discarded.

Activity/Multi-purpose Studios

Activity and multi-purpose studios are intended for use by group classes and activities. Studios must be reserved through Conference and Event Services or the Office of Instruction depending on activity being scheduled.

Emergency Procedures

Pavilion and Student Recreation Center staff and/or certified first responders (e.g. 911) will provide an initial response to facility emergency situations.
  • Basic first aid supplies for minor injuries are available at the front desk. Injuries should be reported to a staff member immediately.
  • An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is available at the front desk.
For more information on campus emergency procedures, please refer to WCC’s emergency information and campus safety webpage or the Emergency Reference Guide located at the front desk.

Elevator Safety Procedures

The following safety procedures must be followed when operating the elevator:
  • The door opening button is used to hold a car for another person; holding doors open by placing objects or body parts in the way is not permitted.
  • Elevator capacity should not be exceeded.
  • If elevator passengers become trapped, the alarm button should be pressed to alert help from service center. Passengers should never attempt to get out their own.
  • During emergency situations, DO NOT use the elevator.

Service Animals

Service animals are permitted on campus. Service animals are defined as animals that are trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability in accordance with The Americans with Disabilities Act.


All areas, including the locker rooms, shall be vacated by closing time. Participants are expected to finish activity (15 minutes prior to closing), re-rack all weight equipment, return any checked-out equipment, finish showering and exit the facility prior to closing.


General Equipment Checkout

Towels, balls, and other available equipment are available for users to checkout. Equipment may be checked out at the front desk/ID check counter. All items must be returned when finished to avoid replacement fees.

Locker Room/Lockers

Locker rooms and lockers are available for current WCC Pavilion and Student Recreation Center users with valid ID.
  • A limited number of lockers are available for use. Users should bring their own personal lock to secure items.
  • Locks and lockers are not checked out by Pavilion and Student Recreation Center Staff.
  • Students enrolled in physical education classes may be designated locker space for the entire quarter.
    • Students should bring a personal lock to be used for the quarter.
    • At the end of the quarter, students must clean out lockers. If a student drops the class before the end of the quarter, the locker must be cleaned out immediately.
    • Locks not removed by the last day of the quarter will be cut off and locker contents will be submitted to lost and found.
  • Non-assigned lockers are available for drop-in/day use.
    • Personal locks should be used while working out in the facility.
    • When done for the day, users should remove the lock and take all belongings.
    • Locks not removed by posted closing times may be cut off and locker contents submitted to lost and found.
  • Personal items and belongings should not be left unattended at any time in the locker rooms or unlocked lockers. General locker rooms are not secured areas.

Weight & Cardio Equipment

All equipment must be used in a safe, appropriate manner. Users who abuse the equipment, use equipment inappropriately, or do not follow safe practices may be asked to leave the facility.
  • Weight collars must be used for barbells at all times.
  • It is strongly recommended that a spotter is used when bench pressing.
  • Safety lanyards provided on cardo equipment should be worn at all times to prevent accidental injuries.
  • To protect the equipment and improve sanitation, all users are required to clean equipment after each use, including seats, benches, arm rests, hand holds, and other relevant equipment.
    • Cleaning stations are provided throughout the facility. Users should not spray disinfectant directly on video or digital display panels.
  • Damaged or defective equipment should be reported to Pavilion and Student Recreation Center staff immediately.
    • Signage for damaged or out-of-order equipment must not be removed. Use of any equipment that is labeled “Out of Order” is strictly prohibited.
  • Users should not rest on weight machines between sets in order to allow other participants to “work in” between sets.
  • Participants should limit cardio workouts to 30 minutes or less during peak usage times.
  • Orientation sessions are recommended for those unfamiliar with the fitness areas and/or fitness equipment.
  • Proper utilization of free weights and resistance machines is required.
    • Pavilion and Student Recreation Center staff can only provide guidance for the correct use of the equipment and machines.
    • Staff cannot provide exercise prescription.
    • Personal trainers are not employed by the Pavilion and Student Recreation Center.
  • Weights may not be dropped. Selectorized weight stacks should be returned to the starting position without slamming them down.
  • Weight plates, dumbbells, barbells, mats, and other items must be stored in their appropriate storage areas immediately after use. Failure to do so may result in revocation of Pavilion and Student Recreation Center privileges.
    • Weights are not to be left on the floor or leaned against walls, mirrors, or equipment.

Walking/Running Track

  • No spiked shoes or cleats may be worn on the track.
  • Track circulation direction may vary daily/weekly to enhance the life of the track as well as prevent overuse injuries from continuously traveling in the same direction.
    • Directional signage must be followed.
  • Lanes on the track are designated as follows:
    • Walking on the inside lane (closest to the railing);
    • Jogging in the middle lane; and
    • Running in the outside lane (closest to walls/windows).
    • Sprinting is strictly prohibited due to safety reasons.
  • Always look before passing or crossing a lane; the person currently in the lane has the right of way.
  • Standing or sitting on the track is not permitted. Track lanes must be left free for users who wish to keep moving. Fitness areas/balconies should be used for sitting, standing, or stretching.


  • Only appropriate shoes, such as those with rubber soles are permitted in the gym. Street shoes are strictly prohibited in areas that have specialized flooring material.
  • Use of open gym hours are on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Equipment for use in the gym may be checked out at the front desk. Valid student or employee identification is required.
  • Courts are primarily for basketball and volleyball. Other activities will be permitted if they are considered safe and appropriate by Pavilion and Student Recreation Center staff.
  • Disassembling or moving previously set-up equipment is not allowed. Pavilion and Student Recreation Center staff are responsible for all set-up and removal of equipment.
  • Hanging on the rims or nets is prohibited.
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